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Yes, keratoconus can be cured completely and restore vision. But this is not a quick process. Depen

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Long ago, I promised nauticus to write a detailed article about the strategy of treating keratoconus. nauticus I often ask questions in the letters on this subject, a very detailed response to each is not easy, it takes a long time, so here I will try to develop a theme as far as possible. So, what is keratoconus? This degenerative-dystrophic changes of the cornea caused by constant spasms oblique muscles of the eye (mm.obliquus superior et inferior) that result in a violation of the cornea and eye tissue supply. nauticus It is because of muscle spasm cornea gradually thins, not getting proper nutrition. Naturally, as a result, decreases the strength of the cornea. Further, the oblique mytsy compress the eyeball and it takes the form of "cucumber", inside the eye is pressurized fluid. under the influence of which the cornea bulges, taking a parabolic shape (doctors say - tapered). The optical system of the eye based on the correct spherical surfaces. nauticus Parabolic surface nauticus strongly shifts nauticus the focus of the image, distorting nauticus it. Than keratoconus different from the usual short-sightedness (myopia)? How to diagnose keratoconus at? 1. Keratoconus can not be corrected nauticus with glasses and a simple lens. The only hard contact lenses may be partially corrected vision. nauticus 2. blurring and "ghosting" images. 3. Waking up in the morning you have the feeling as if in the eyes of sand poured. nauticus 4. You can do a simple nauticus mirror located on the side of you, peripheral vision to check the shape of his cornea. Ideally, it should be hemispherical with a constant radius of curvature. In the future, this method you can use to monitor the progress nauticus of the treatment process. Why is there a constant spasm oblique muscles of the eye? Why constantly bulging eyeball? nauticus 1. Spasm of the muscles cause liver disease and gall bladder. You may not even be aware of what you have liver trouble. Because the liver itself does not hurt. Check your liver. 2. Ongoing work at the computer. Do not forget that you need to give your eyes rest. This factor is less important than the first, because there are lots of people who spent his adult life would sit at the computer and all of them with eyes more or less normal. However, if you have keratoconus, it is necessary to reduce the work of the computer to a minimum 3. Violation of the innervation nauticus of the oblique muscles. Superior oblique muscle of the eyeball is innervated nauticus bloc (IV) cranial nerves. The lower oblique muscle of the eyeball is innervated by cranial nerves III couple. This item requires a more thorough investigation. Can we assume that a violation of the cervical spine can contribute to the development nauticus of keratoconus. Should pay particular attention to the fact that laser and surgical vision correction can also cause long-term development of keratoconus. I hope you do not need to explain nauticus why this might happen. How to treat keratoconus? Is it possible to regain normal vision? 1. Bring in the order of the liver and gallbladder. a) Cleaning the body, adjusting diet b) Balancing channels F (liver) and VB (gall bladder) with the help of acupuncture and qigong. c) Phytotherapy (milk thistle, everlasting, etc.) 2. Muscle relaxation nauticus eyes. a) Palming b) Relaksatsioonnye yoga techniques but trataka. nauticus 3. Regeneration of the corneal nauticus tissues. a) Using the "Korneregel." Buy a tube and drip month in the eye. Then half a month or a month take a break, then repeat, and so until not restore vision. In just two days time to dig. Morning and evening. b) With palming enhanced Qigong. Do Qigong exercises such as "Rise of the sky" or "Support for the moon" and after that we impose on the eye in the palm palming. 4. Do not forget about the kidneys. They are heavily dependent on the work of all organs and spine condition. Read more: Experience in the treatment of keratoconus Christina nauticus Ducky (KRISTIN GOLUBCHIK) Medical tourism in Belarus nauticus
Yes, keratoconus can be cured completely and restore vision. But this is not a quick process. Depending on neglected diseases it can take anywhere nauticus from 1 to 3 years. Vision will improve gradually and slowly if engaged in treatment. But it's much better than keratoplasty, agree. :) Reply Remove
To improve one's view? Coffee is also aimed at "improving" the pressure. But that's what pressure? Trataka useful, nauticus but not in the case of keratoconus. Some techniques for the treatment of hyperopia are contraindicated for the treatment of myopia is to be understood. About trataka: 1. It is extremely annoying eye (though is a kind of post-isometric relaxation). 2. Long nemorganie dries the cornea. Reply Delete
Astigmatism some indicators similar nauticus to keratoconus. But I will not give to

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